ZF-TRW and Remaned reach an agreement for the concession of the LUCAS Brand

ZF-TRW and Remaned reach an agreement for the concession of the LUCAS Brand. The biggest challenge in the history of the company begins, as they take the rights to manage one of the most well-known brands worldwide.

In 2016 January 29th, Equipos Diesel Remaned signed an agreement with the multinational ZF-TRW to become the exclusive licensee of Lucas brand in Europe, Central America and South America.

This agreement becomes a milestone in the professional path of Remaned since its founding back in 2008. A long term challenge that implies important strategic changes in relation to 2015, due to the expansion of Remaned with the opening of new markets and a new range of products.

The brand Lucas is famous worldwide as a sign of quality, technology and excellence in automotive products and spare components.

Thanks to the Lucas licence, Remaned will increase their range of spare parts to an exceptional more than 4.000 new references, to be added to their well-known range of diesel injection remanufactured products.

In a first phase, Lucas Diesel will be distributed in Europe, Central America and South America from the logistic platforms in Spain, England and Brazil.

Thanks to our efficient supply chain with international logistic companies, Lucas Diesel will offer the best service to their export customers all over the world.

“This is a year of new opportunities and projects which will allow growth. That is why this agreement with ZF-TRW entails a big challenge to the Remaned Group. A challenge that will allow us to reach our goals”, explains Oscar Villafranca, Managing Director of the Remaned Group.

QR Code. Traceability Control.

All Remaned products bear a sticker with the manufacturer´s reference and a QR code. This code offers all information referring to the traceability of our products : date of production, pressure values, flow, fuel-tightness, etc.

The QR code was invented for the spare parts sector of the automotive industry in Japan, specifically by the Brand Denso Wave. Its versatility makes it the ideal tool to manage the control of any type of production.