QR Code. Traceability Control.

All Remaned products bear a sticker with the manufacturer´s reference and a QR code. This code offers all information referring to the traceability of our products : date of production, pressure values, flow, fuel-tightness, etc.

The QR code was invented for the spare parts sector of the automotive industry in Japan, specifically by the Brand Denso Wave. Its versatility makes it the ideal tool to manage the control of any type of production.

Denso Injectors. New product range

In our ongoing work to develop new products and to try to meet our customers´demands with the best service, since January 2016 Remaned has increased its offer of product lines with the launch of a new range of Denso injectors.

The experience of Remaned in the remanufacturing of diesel products is well known and valued throughout our whole range of products. This enables us to offer remanufactured products with the same capabilities and characteristics as those of OE products, but with the advantage of re-using raw materials, thus protecting the environment.

It is thanks to this experience that we can offer the widest range of Denso Injectors on the market.